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Remote Spectrum - Linux Installation

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  • Remote Spectrum - Linux Installation

    Prerequisites and Inital Configuration

    1. The person installling the software must have administrative rights to the server where the software is being installed.
    2. The server where the admin software is being installed must have:
    a. SNMP access to all CPE's that the system needs to support.
    b. Web access for the administrator and for all technicians that will use the system.
    c. Tomcat 7.x installed. For information on downloading and installing Tomcat look here.
    d. Remote Spectrum requires JDK 1.7 or higher to operate.


    1. Download the remote-spectrum.war file here.
    2. If Tomcat is started, shut it down.
    3. Copy the remote-spectrum-collector.war file to the Tomcat's webapps directory
    Note: If you are upgrading or reinstalling, overwrite any pre-existing copy of this file and delete the Tomcat's webapps remote-spectrum or rf-inspector directory if it exists.
    4. A Remote Spectrum properties file should be made in the /etc directory. If not create the file "/etc/".

    The properties file should look like the following. (The values given for these properties are sample values and may be changed.

    databaseName: databases/remotespectrum
    readWriteCommunityString: your communitystring
    cpeDiscoveryIps: your ip's or ip blocks examples 10.234.0/24, 68.70.0/18,
    cpeDiscoverySchedule: 0 2 * * *

    Note: Spacing is important. There is a space behind all colons.

    5. Start Tomcat

    6. Start the remote-spectrum-collector. Using the tomcat manager makes this easy. Make sure the remote-spectrum-collector has started.

    Access your site at http://<your host or server name>:<your tomcat port>/remote-spectrum/login.html

    For further information, see your Remote Spectrum Admin manual located here
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